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The Centre for Patient Leadership (CPL) provides learning and support for a new generation of healthcare leaders – Patient Leaders.

Now more than ever, the NHS needs new leaders and innovative solutions. But patients, service users and carers are seen as part of the problem and remain a huge untapped asset. It’s time to shift our thinking.

When patients lead and manage their own health and well-being and when they develop the confidence and skills to lead and influence others, something special takes place! Positive change happens, new solutions arrive and collaborative systems of healthcare emerge.

That is what the Centre for Patient Leadership is all about.

The Centre will:

  • Provide learning and support for patient leaders (those seeking to transform services and those leading health improvement in the community)
  • Develop an online network and community of support and practice for emerging patient leaders
  • Be a pool of talented and high quality patient leaders, from which health organisations can draw to input into health improvement activities
  • Be a social movement for change that challenges the current paradigm of health care, altering the fundamental power structures and promoting a new vision of collaboration
  • Enable ‘graduates’ to become accredited Mentors, Coaches & Facilitators.

We work with all groups and organisations that support, engage with or employ patient leaders. This includes:

  • NHS Foundation Trusts wanting to better engage their Membership and support Governors
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) wanting to support their lay members, representatives on patient participation groups, local reference groups and their wider community
  • Patient groups at local and national level needing to skill up their members to better understand and influence healthcare systems
  • LINk members and HealthWatch volunteers who need to operate more strategically in the new system


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